L’Orient, Linköping, the sequel!

On the 6th of September, we will be back again at L’Orient in Linköping, for a second round of noisemaking. Ticket price and supporting bands will be announced later!

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Kontiki, Gothenburg

The last show of our three-day tour takes place at the restaurant/bar/club Kontiki in Gothenburg, on the 7th of September. We’ll be playing together with the band Postures. The entry fee is 80:-, the club is open between 18 and 02, and the first band starts playing at 19:30.



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L’orient, Linköping

We will be playing a show at the restaurant/club L’orient in Linköping, on the 6th of September. We have been looking forward to playing in Linköping for quite a while now, so this will be a good one! The place opens up at 18:00 and we will be on stage 19:00! Tickets can be bought ahead for 60:- at L’Orient or at Bokmedia.


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Official Melloboat pre-party concert

Nevärlläjf and Structural Disorder will be teaming up to deliver a round of progressive rocking in order to get the right spirit going, in an official pre-party for Melloboat, the day before the boat departs on the 5th of September! The concert will be held at Två grabbar & kök (prev. Gyllene Cirkeln) in Stockholm, for an entry fee of 100:-

Please note that you do not need a Melloboat ticket to go to this pre-party. See you all there!



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Upcoming EP release


Nevärlläjf has been laying low for a while, but we are now back in full action! We’re currently in the process of pooling our resources for recording an EP during the first half of the year 2013, which will be released some time during the summer, on the Fat Lady Productions label.

The EP will contain all of the songs we’ve written since the debut album along with some live recordings of our old material, and also hopefully some new content as well. We’re also looking at several places of interest for playing live concerts throughout the year, so keep your eyes on our website / facebook page for when the dates are posted!

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Summer’s end

Summer is over and all the planned shows have been played. We want to thank everyone who came to Göteborg and Uppsala for their incredible support. Those shows were without a doubt some of the most fun that we’ve had as a band! The newly written song Fleischklöseauflauf was received warmly by the audience, and there are some great recordings up on youtube from both concerts.

Here are some links for those who haven’t heard the newer songs yet:



What happens now in the band is that we all take a break and go back to our respective schools/jobs/etcetera for a while. We have planned a weekend in november for writing more new material, and there are also plans for getting some studio recordings done for the three new songs.

It is entirely possible that we’ll arrange some shows to be played in combination with these meetups (since we’ll all be gathered up in one place then anyway), so maybe we will see you all soon!

Once again, thank you all for this summer, it has been great!

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Following what has now become somewhat of a tradition, Nevärlläjf will be playing a set at this year’s Orsayran as well. The date is set for the 3rd of August!

More information (unfortunately only in Swedish), can be found here .

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